A Global Meditation Experiment

Ryosoku-in, Kennin-ji, Kyoto, Japan
Experience UnXe


While the world seems to be at war at each other, full of hate, I'm so grateful that there is a global community that offers positive energy. Thank you.
Even though it seems like the corona virus is trying to damage our communication and cultural aspects, we can conquer this challenging situation. I can meet people from all over the world sharing a talk and feeling and we can see the same lush greenery of Kyoto together.
What a wonderful experience we can have via the Internet. I appreciate all of your effort in providing us this great opportunity. It isn't a virtual, but truly a real moment because we are here and you are there – now.
[T]houghts about decision making came up for me... which I shared with my son and with my daughter this morning. It is a bit like a compass where True North is what feels: Positive, Right, Constructive, Helpful...



Live online meditations and diAlogues,
guided by The Zen Monk Toryo Ito-san,
moderated by the artist/Entrepreneur Jun Rivers,
situated in the oldest Zen-temple of Kyoto,
delivered on the cloud,
for the whole wide world.

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Zen Monk 建仁寺両足院 副住職

15 years of experience leading meditation locally and internationally.His teaching’s essence lies in "Loosening up and letting go", delivered via multimedia, accessible by anyone, anytime.In order to promote the wisdom of Zen Buddhism he is active in co-creation with artists.

国内外で15年にわたり坐禅を指導するその指導スタイルは「ゆるめる ほどく 手放す」のエッセンスを大切にし、「誰でもどこでもできる禅」をコンセプトに様々な入り口を創出している。仏教が持つ知恵を現代的な方法で広める為にアーティストの共同クリエイションも多数。

Toryo Ito

Jun Rivers

Entrepreneur 建築・起業者

Harvard Graduate in Architecture, UCLA in Design | Media Arts. Ex-Urban Design Software Engineer in California. Multi-international-design awards recipient.
Currently Co-founder + CEO of Living-Tech start-up X₀ Ltd., best known to-date for its capsule living network SLEEEP spanning across Hong Kong, Bangkok and Basel.

ハーバード大学院の建築、UCLAでmedia artの学位を卒業。カリフォルニアのIT企業で都市設計のソフト開発者に従事。国際的なデザイン受賞を複数。
27歳で1社目のITベンチャーを共同創業し、今は X₀ Ltd.と呼ぶテクノロジーベンチャーで共同創業者兼CEOを担任。

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